General Starlight Night Vision CNVD-22


General Starlight Night Vision CNVD-22

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CNVD-22 is the clip-on night vision device designed to seamlessly pair with direct-view (daytime) scopes to endue them low-light observation capabilities for extended-range reconnaissance, target acquisition and engagement.

CNVD-22 offers convenience of installation and usage: with fast and easy pairing with your existing daytime scope no re-zeroing or removal of the day scope is required. Conversion from night vision to day scope mode and back is done is seconds.

CNVD-22 is a perfect tool for sniper applications and all other scenarios where stealth, speed and precision are the key factors for successful mission accomplishment.



Technical Data:

Optical Magnification: 1X

Objective Lens Focal Length: 80mm (Catadioptric Lens)

Objective Lens F-number: f/1.6

Field of View (FOV): 13°

Focusing Range: 10m .. Infinity

Dayscopes Multiplicity: 1X -12X (Optimum: 7X – 10X)

Power Source: 1pc CR123

Battery Life: Up to 55 Hours

Environmental Protection: IPX6 or Better (Optional)

Dimensions: 185x66x79mm

Weight: 590 grams

Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C

Warranty: 7 Years, Limited

Export: Available for Export Worldwide



Boresight Characteristics:

Accuracy: Factory Aligned to 1/2 MOA or Better

Retention: Permanent to within 1 MOA or Better

Repeatability: Within 1/2 MOA



Image Intensifier Tubes:

Gen 2+, Gen 3, XR5, 4G (contact us for tube’s availability)