Sharp Shoot-R Tactical Advantage

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The Story Behind “Tactical Advantage”

I must admit that the idea for “Tactical Advantage” was not mine. We do business with a military contractor who will remain nameless for obvious reasons. They use our “Patch-Out”and “Wipe-Out” on their bolt action sniper rifles. The use “Patch-Out” in the field. Primarily because of airline restrictions not allowing aerosols to be transported in aircraft. “Wipe-Out” is used at the local ranges and posts. Well, I got a call from their big Kahuna, asking if we could help with a serious problem they were Having with their M-4’s and M-16’s. These guns after a protracted firefight were not operating in full-auto mode. They would only function in semi-auto mode. This put most of the teams at risk, since full-auto mode is used for supressing, or cover fire. He went on to tell me that it was taking 4 hours to get these guns , “military grade” clean. They were literally grinding out the inside of the bolt carrier with a drill and a 50 caliber brush.