Wheeler 43 Piece Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

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Wheeler® Professional Gunsmith 43 Piece Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are the most important and most-used gunsmithing tools. Wheeler’s® Professional Gunsmith 43 Piece Screwdriver Set is a kit that belongs on every gunsmith’s bench. The well thought-out bit selection will put an end to burred, buggered, busted up screw slots on any gun that comes your way. The bits make up the heart of any screwdriver set, and Wheeler’s are the finest available. They’re made from S2 tool steel and hardened to 56-58 Rockwell “C”. The hollow-ground bits are gently curved as it reaches the tip instead of being straight to protect the fit and finish of the screw. The hollow-ground shape spread forces equally along the sides of the screw slot resulting in no damage. The 43 Piece Screwdriver Set features a very comfortable overmolded screwdriver handle to ease all of your work. Never lose a bit with the durable custom box that’s ready for the bench or your range kit.

Patent:  www.btibrands.com/patents

  • Hollow-ground bits
  • Durable S2 tool steel
  • No-slip handle
  • Most popular bits for gunsmithing
  • Convenient storage case
  • Magnetic bit retention in driver