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Tipton Max Force Cleaning Rod

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Tired of bending or breaking your small diameter cleaning rods? The answer is here:Tipton’s® MAX Force™ Cleaning Rod. Tipton® has created a cleaning rod with a patent pending sliding handle. Now you can put the force you need right next to the bottle neck section you need it applied to. The sliding handle still allows the rod to rotate freely even while clamped down. Available in 2 multi-caliber sizes.

  • Allows you to quickly and easily position handle at any point along the rod with just the press of your thumb. This allows Maximum Force to be applied without fear of bending or breaking cleaning rod
  • Patent Pending clamp mechanism instantly clamps handle to rod at any location and still allows the rod to spin freely on ball bearings
  • 40” usable rod length coupled with the adjustable handle allows cleaning of small pistols all the way up to long-barreled magnum rifles
  • Ergonomic handle positions your hand for maximum force on the cleaning rod
  • Highly durable design is lightweight and fully solvent-resistant