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Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong Kill Zone

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The Kill Zone Gong is the perfect target for honing your long range rifle shooting skills. At 9.25″ high x 17.5″ wide, the gong target approximates the true “kill zone” of most average size North American big game animals. The inclusion of the cardboard Natural Series deer target not only gives a realistic sight picture but also provides a 35″ high x 42″ wide backer to determine the location of any shots that miss the gong due to miscalculations of bullet drop or wind drift.

The cardboard deer target is held in place by a target stand that indexes in front of the gong frame and has a die cut hole that aligns with the gong. The gong target is constructed of industry leading AR-550 steel tested to a Brinell hardness of 550 for uncompromising durability. The Kill Zone Gong includes the same reinforced steel frame, ground stakes, hardened S hooks and chains as the original Magnum Rifle Gong. It is designed to be shot at a minimum distance of 100 yards, for maximum life expectancy IMPACT velocities of 3,000 fps or below and IMPACT energies of 3,500 ft lbs or less are recommended.

  • Kill Zone Gong plate is AR-550 steel, 9.25″ x 17.5″
  • Designed to withstand impacts with nearly all high power rifles and handguns
  • Complete with freestanding frame, chains, gong, target stand and cardboard deer target