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The Caldwell® Mag Couplers are designed out of high strength polymer to easily couple 2 Mil-Spec Style 10 round AR-15 magazines together and not add weight. The coupling of magazines brings your capacity up to 20 rounds for faster reloads when seconds matter. The coupler is a 2 piece design that is bolted together to be extremely rigid without permanently modifying your magazines. The couplers hold the 2 magazines end to end to maintain the overall shape of a 30 round magazine to fit in all of your existing gun cases, mag pouches, etc. …

  • Easily couples 2 Mil-Spec Style 10 round AR Mags together
  • Maintains the profile of a 30 round mag to fit mag pouches, gun cases, etc. …
  • Quickly assembles/ disassembles without magazine modification
  • Contains 2 couplers to couple a total of 4 magazines
  • Contains 2 dust covers to keep dust out and protect bullet tips