Chameleon Gel 2 Oz
Bore Tech’s Chameleon Gel™ is a patented, high-tech, color-indicating cleaner and polish that effectively removes severe Carbon, Copper, Lead and Moly fouling. This patented chemical and mechanical cleaning technology is odor free, biodegradable and 100% safe for all barrel types. The easy to use gel formulation requires no mixing and cleans up quickly for a shiny barrel every time. Available in a 2oz tube.
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Perazzi MX2000/8 12 Gauge SC3 Walnut SOLD

Perazzi MX2000/8 SC3 WALNUT STOCK – changed to Straight comb stock as pictured Swelled palmed grip for right hander Total Weight 4465 grams Includes original case Chokes Snap caps Tool

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Shotgun Blend
Bore Tech Shotgun Blend Bore Cleaner is a specialty, cutting edge bore cleaner that is 100% barrel safe, biodegradable and easily outperforms the competition without any hazards, toxicities or offensive odors. Shotgun Blend rapidly removes the powder, lead and stubborn wad fouling produced by today’s shotgun ammunition. It is time to bring your Shotgun cleaning into the 21st century.
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