ncompromised optical and mechanical systems – Made and designed in Austria and The United States!

Zero Com­pro­mise Optic is and al­ways has been a multi-na­tional af­fair. Since the com­pany was cre­ated, we com­bined the best op­ti­cal, me­chan­i­cal, new de­sign cre­ation, and per­for­mance dri­ven minds from Aus­tria and The United States. The ZCO staff in­clude mem­bers that hold mul­ti­ple patents in the rifle scope in­dus­try, have de­signed some of the most ro­bust me­chan­i­cal sys­tems that are still being used today, have held top level man­age­ment po­si­tions, as well as a re­tired U.S. mil­i­tary of­fi­cer among many other back­grounds. Our head­quar­ters and ma­chine shop are lo­cated in Aus­tria while our orig­i­nal and new prod­uct de­sign, test­ing, and de­vel­op­ment staff is lo­cated in both Aus­tria and the United States. The level of bril­liance and in­tel­lect through­out the en­tire com­pany is the major dri­ving force be­hind our suc­cess. ZCO may be a new com­pany, but our tal­ent in this in­dus­try runs about as deep as the Mar­i­anas Trench.

Due to ZCO’s in­volve­ment in many pre­ci­sion shoot­ing ap­pli­ca­tions, even seem­ingly in­signif­i­cant de­tails be­come in­creas­ingly im­por­tant. We fully un­der­stand that ded­i­cated life-long cus­tomers will be the foun­da­tion and dri­ving force for fu­ture in­no­va­tions and prod­uct de­vel­op­ment. Be­cause of this, we hold our­selves to the high­est stan­dard so our cus­tomers don’t have to. ZCO doesn’t man­u­fac­ture prod­ucts to meet a bud­get, we man­u­fac­ture to de­liver Un­com­pro­mised Per­for­mance and sur­pass our cus­tomer’s ex­pec­ta­tions! The high qual­ity and pre­ci­sion of ZCO rifle scopes will never be com­pro­mised nor sac­ri­ficed in favor of pro­duc­tion quan­tity. This phi­los­o­phy is para­mount.



The Zero Com­pro­mise Optic ZC527 is 387mm (15.24 inches) long, weighs only 1075g (37.9oz) and reaches 35 mil in el­e­va­tion ad­just­ment and 21 mil in windage ad­just­ment. It is in a class of its own! Of all other op­tics in this mag­ni­fi­ca­tion range, a very gen­er­ous field of view of 7m / 100 me­ters (21ft/100Yds) re­sults in one of the widest in the in­dus­try. Out­stand­ing light trans­mis­sion and ex­cep­tional res­o­lu­tion are just two at­trib­utes of the best op­ti­cal de­sign ever de­vel­oped, per­fectly com­ple­ment­ing the very best me­chan­i­cal prop­er­ties in the in­dus­try.[kad_youtube url="" ]
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ZC 420


The Zero Com­pro­mise Optic ZC420 com­bines ex­cel­lent op­ti­cal per­for­mance with un­matched me­chan­i­cal pre­ci­sion in the best ul­tra-short de­sign ever de­vel­oped. It com­bines the high­est lev­els of me­chan­i­cal pre­ci­sion, un­matched op­ti­cal per­for­mance, and ex­treme dura­bil­ity in a com­pact pack­age that can com­pete with much larger ri­fle­scopes. This small ri­fle­scope with a length of 325mm (12.8 inches) and a weight of only 986g (34.8oz) is ideal for any ap­pli­ca­tion where size and max­i­mum per­for­mance are para­mount.

The low mag­ni­fi­ca­tion pro­vides a wide field of view for rapid target acquisition while the mechanical system allows for 35 mils of elevation adjustment for the extreme long range engagements when required. Never be­fore has so much per­for­mance been com­bined in such an el­e­gant and com­pact ri­fle­scope.


Our op­ti­cal en­gi­neers have set the next stan­dard for clar­ity, light trans­mis­sion and res­o­lu­tion in a com­pact pack­age. Never be­fore has such per­for­mance been seen in this mag­ni­fi­ca­tion range and lens size. Total light trans­mis­sion is 92% while main­tain­ing ex­cel­lent color fi­delity matched with best in class res­o­lu­tion for the ul­ti­mate view­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. The very best in op­ti­cal per­for­mance re­sults in height­ened view­ing com­fort for all day use so you can enjoy being be­hind your scope for ex­tended shoot­ing ses­sions.

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